Naval Gaming Convention

NAVCON is exclusively dedicated to NAVAL wargaming encompassing miniatures,
board games, card games, and more of all Eras - from Ancients, to Modern.

Friday, October 3
Saturday, October 4
Sunday, October 5

7pm - 12am
8am - 12am
9am - 5pm

Gaming events are now available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! 

Admission: $12 - Adult (18 or Older), $6 - Students and Active Military 

Convention Locations

October 3-4 October 5

Salvation Army Community Center
8853 S. Howell
Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
1400 W. Zellman Ct.
Milwaukee, WI 53221
Within walking distance of Starbucks, Panera, Dairy Queen, Quizno's, Papa John's, Chipotle, and McDonald's. Hotel provides discounted rates for NAVCON attendees.
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NAVCON Welcomes
Active Duty Military Personnel

Show your military ID at registration and
and attend for half of the standard admission!

The following Flickr photo galleries from NAVCON events are courtesy of Jeff Knudsen:

NAVCON 2010 Photos
NAVCON 2011 Photos
NAVCON 2012 Photos
NAVCON 2013 Photos



Event Catalog

Access the current catalog of events for NAVCON 2014! Catalog will be updated as event submissions are processed.

2014 Events Catalog (.XLS) (Updated: 9/22/14)

Event Submission

Want to run a naval game? Now is the time to submit your events for NAVCON! If you have a larger than average, and/or longer than average scenario, this is your opportunity. NAVCON has the space and the time for such events and is especially interested in accepting them.

To submit an event or any questions regarding events, contact the event coordinator:

Ron Mazurkiewicz
(414) 304-8161

Guest of Honor

Jack Greene
Jack Greene

NAVCON's special guest for 2014 is Jack Greene. Jack is a graduate of Whitman College with a BA in History. A native of California, he has written on a wide range of naval, military and wargaming subjects for over a dozen magazinesincluding Warship International, The Mariner’s Mirror, Strategy & Tactics and Command and has designed 12 published wargames. He has worked with three game companies including The Avalon Hill Game Company, was a partner in Paper Wars and founded Quarterdeck Games.

Jack's game design IRONBOTTOM SOUND won a Charles Roberts award in 1982. He has self-published two pamphlets, Handbook on the Italian Army in World War II (1988) and Mare Nostrum (1990). He and Alessandro Massignani have co-authored five books. A 1990 inductee into the Charles S. Roberts Hall of Fame, he also speaks on military, political and environmental topics at conventions and local service clubs and on local radio, including a long running 4th of July radio program.

Jack will be presenting in the NAVCON war college as well as demoing the game Fleet Admiral II: The Battle of Jutland at NAVCON!


War College

Besides wargaming, NAVCON provides a more traditional means of learning. A convention like NAVCON provides an opportunity to hold seminars about naval warfare. Starting a few years ago, NAVCON has offered its own War College with lectures on naval subjects. For 2014, this continues!

Battleships, Jutland and How We Game Designers Got It All Wrong
by Jack Greene

As guest of honor for 2014, NAVCON welcomes the prolific boardgame designer and author, Mr. Jack Greene. Jack is the designer of the second edition of Avalon Hill’s Bismarck, and the founder of Quarterdeck Games which published the games The Royal Navy, IRONBOTTOM SOUND, and many others. With his co-author, Alessandro Massignani, he has written several books on naval warfare including The Naval War in the Mediterranean and Ironclads at War.

Jack will be presenting Battleships, Jutland and how we game designers got it all wrong. It will take off from 1906 and HMS Dreadnought and go on up to the battle of Jutland. This seminar will be 95% focused on the British and the German navies and construction policies. Jack will also be demoing the game Fleet Admiral II: The Battle of Jutland at NAVCON!

Anti-Aircraft Artillery
by Major David Wesely

NAVCON welcomes Major David Wesely, who will be speaking about anti-aircraft artillery. Major Wesely is a long-time wargamer, and along with Russ Maker, designed the classic game, Source of the Nile. A retired career officer in the U.S. Army, Major Wesely was a fixture at the Gen Con War College for many years, speaking on the history of artillery and other military historical subjects. In addition to his rich background and knowledge with related research and experience, Major Wesely is known for his entertaining presentations while speaking on the details of technical subjects.

The Evolution of United States Submarines Since WWII
by Mel Douyette

Mel Douyette will be discussing the evolution of United States submarines since WWII. After graduating from high school in Oak Creek, Wisconsin in 1968, Mel joined the US Navy and volunteered for submarine duty. He qualified on two submarines, first a diesel boat and then a nuclear fast attack submarine. Mel's first boat was the USS Cusk SS-348. His second boat was the USS Permit SSN-594. As a member of the Permit crew, Mel participated in several covert operations. In 1995 Mel joined United States Submarine Veterans, Incorporated (USSVI) and is a founding member of the USSVI - Great Lakes Base.

After leaving the US Navy, Mel first earned an engineering degree, then a business degree, and finally an MBA. In 2003 Mel founded Cold War Submarines, an internet-based business providing custom-built submarine replicas for US Navy submarine veterans.


Door Prizes

The NAVCON door prizes are not previously played or used hand-me-downs, but all are brand new, shrink-wrapped, recently published naval games!

Door prizes include games, miniatures, books and more from these publishers:

  • Against The Odds Magazine
  • Clash of Arms
  • GMT Games
  • Last Stand Games
  • Minden Games
  • Turning Point Simulations


NAVCON Supporters

Please thank the following NAVCON supporters and look for their advertisements in the printed catalog:

-Beacon Publications
-Pink Bunny Games



Flea Market

Flea MarketNAVCON will be offering a flea market space throughout the day for those wishing to sell games or related items. Items eligible for the Navcon Flea Market are military related models, figures, boardgames, rules sets, books, videos, etc. NAVCON reserves the right to reject any submitted item as inappropriate.

Simply pick up and complete a flea market sellers form at the registration desk. Each lot sheet will have room for up to fifteen (15) individual items at a cost of $1.00 per item or lot of items.

Sellers, please consider keeping rare or expensive items with you and simply check the Item w/Seller column on the lot sheet in the space provided. Games and books must be listed individually, one item per line. Miniatures may be grouped into as many or few individual items as desired. Please strictly limit flea market items to: games, historical books, historical/industry magazines and miniatures of any era. NAVCON will take no part in the transaction between seller and buyer, nor will NAVCON charge or collect fees for items sold.

The Convention Staff assumes No responsibility for the condition of the item or the accuracy of the seller’s description on the Flea Market Sellers Forms. Nor is the Convention Staff responsible for mistakes or missing components. All sales are final! For more detailed information, contact Tom Beach. Space is limited, so bring your items in as early as you can. 



The following hotel provides special rates for NAVCON attendees. This hotel is also the location of the convention on Sunday and is within 10 minutes of the convention location for Friday and Saturday. Shuttle service to and from convention, airport, and Amtrac station.

Note: Book rooms using the code, NAVCON special to get the convention rate.


Holiday Inn Express and Suites Holiday Inn Express & Suites

1400 W. Zellman Ct.
Milwaukee, WI 53221
+1 (414) 563-4000

Free breakfast
Free Internet/Wifi
Shuttle service
Indoor pool
Room Rate (2 Double Beds)
Room Rate (1 King Bed)
Reservation Deadline
September 5, 2014



For convention information, contact Mark Nies.


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